Collection: Sky

Once upon a time there was a little girl who wanted more than anything to touch the stars in the sky. One summer night, when the Milky Way shone brighter than ever, he decided he couldn't wait any longer, so he slipped out the window and set off to join them.

After a long walk he dived into a stream where piles of stars were reflected, but he couldn't grab even one. He found an enchanted meadow with blades of grass shining, but nothing there too. "I will reach the stars of the sky" , shouted the little girl and continued her journey until she found herself along the sea shore, where in the distance, she saw a wonderful rainbow rising and rising into the sky, full of all the colors of the world.

​He reached it and climbed onto it. Every time she took a step, she felt like she was slipping backwards, but she continued her journey undaunted. Suddenly he reached the top of the rainbow. Around her, the stars pirouetted and danced, running back and forth, up and down, constantly changing color. Jack! Finally he touched a star, but the joy was so great that he suddenly woke up and found himself in his bed.

​When he opened his hand he saw it filled with star-shaped sweets. He smiled, because he knew that those little sweets were a gift from the stars...Thus the Candy Stars were born.

The moon has always been able to bewitch and conquer, fascinating and mysterious accompanies our nights, silent witness of loves, romantic declarations and first kisses...

​From the night skies,'s Moons have come to enhance your most glamorous evenings. By also choosing a pair of our Candy Stars you can have fun creating the coolest and most colorful combinations based on your outfits!

​Ehhh yes because if you want, by purchasing a pair of moons and a pair of stars you can wear a Moon on one lobe and a Candy Star on the other.